Having A Record Can Be A Job Seeker’s Biggest Obstacle

GoodHire is working to help people who have criminal records with their reentry into the workforce. 

95% of people currently incarcerated will return home to their communities and face the challenge of finding employment with a criminal record. GoodHire has joined the nationwide call to action for organizations and businesses to join forces to get people back to work and to connect employers with this largely untapped talent pool.

GoodHire True Me humanizes employment screening by empowering job seekers to share the context of past records, dispute any inaccuracies, and see their background check the way employers will see it.

Do you work with formerly incarcerated people? Let's work together.

GoodHire has taken the Fair Chance Business Pledge. The pledge represents a call-to-action for all members of the private sector to improve their communities by eliminating barriers for those with a criminal record and creating a pathway for a second chance.

Thank You To The Organizations Who Have Also Committed

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